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Flying Signaleers

The Flying Signaleers is a non-profit airplane partnership that is  located in Pierce County Washington (KPLU) airport. We have relocated here from an outlying air field.

    The partnership began in 1956 when several signaleers from the National Guard stationed at Fort Lewis bought a 1946 Aeronca Champ (N2677E) which is still owned by a local flyer. The aircraft was purchased before any of them knew how to fly. They immediately began their training at Thun Field (now KPLU) under the tutelage of "Slim" Lawson. The group incorporated as the Flying Signaleers in 1958. As a partnership that began in 1956, this is perhaps one of the oldest flight partnerships in the US.

The Flying Signaleers is primarily group of social pilots that value well-maintained equipment and friendships with other pilots.  The Flying Signaleers members have created a partnership for bringing people together with similar interest.

Our Values

 We as a club strive to be different than other clubs or organizations. We are not an aircraft rental service. The plane is owned, operated, cleaned, and managed by the Club (Flyingsignaleers Inc.). The Flying Signaleers is a way for all of the members to share in the pleasure and pain of owning their own aircraft. As a partnership we value the following:

In Members

  • Honesty
  • Safety
  • Conscientious about how their actions affect other members
  • Don’t feel burdened by the share price or the hourly rates
  • Clean up plane after they use it
  • Pay for the minor damage they may have caused (ins. for the big ones)
  • Proud of the aircraft we own

In our Aircraft

  • Great condition
  • Well maintained
  • Look sharp


  • Not for profit
  • Planning for the future (saving money versus borrowing)
  • Spending money on good equipment but not always the latest and greatest
  • Safety above cost

Our Goals and Past Accompishments

2018 goals and events

  • Become ADS-B Compliant (Done)
  • Purchase existing hanger from current owner (Done)
  • Cost out and evaluate two axis Auto Pilot
  • Annual Young Eagles event in late June
  • Bring in one new member
  • Plan possible 4th trip to Oshkosh

2017 goals and events

  • Annual with a re-balance of prop. (Done)
  • Re-evaluate panel of aircrart for retro fit
  • Wire power ports in rear seating area
  • Annual Young Eagles event in late June
  • Arlington flyin first week of July
  • New members to a total of 6

2016 goals and events

  • Annual with balancing prop (Done)
  • Young eagles event in July
  • 3Rd Oshkosh flight in July with N7665G
  • Pricing and plannning for ADS-B out in aircraft
  •  Bring in one new member

2015 Goals and events

  • Paint exterior of plane
  • New interior in plane complete
  • Young Eagles in July
  • Cost out ADS-B
  • Plane 2nd Trip to Oshkosh with 65G


2014 Goals and events

  • Move into new hangar on south end of KPLU
  • 1st Trip to Oshkosh with plane
  • Check in to new interior cost in Oshkosh
  • New interior at time of annual in Oct.
  • Look into cost of Auto Pilot
  • Cost out painting of plane
  • Finalizing the sale of C172 to past memeber.


 2013 Goals

  • Locate new hangar in the fall
  • Possible selling of C-172
  • Check into new interior cost
  • Show booth in Puyallup for club


2012 Goals    

  •  Make move back to KPLU - Thun field
  • Set up advertising for club
  • Seek out members
  • Young eagles flights


2011 Goals

  • Recruit new membeship off the internet.
  • Ready for move to Thun
  • Stream line cost and expenses
  • Reach out to pilots looking to fly after selling personal aircraft.

2009 Goals

  • Build up membership through pricing and WAA shows
  • Continue to build on TBO fund for 182
  • Set up hanger exchange at Thun
  • Reach out to local flyers with club info.

2008 Accomplishments

  • Have prop for 182 inspected and refurbed.
  • Build up membership
  • Set up more social events for club members
  • Minor painting aircraft  

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