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Last update November 2009




We, the undersigned individuals, in order to promote our individual and collective interests in flying, do hereby organize a non-profit organization to be called "The Flying Signaleers, Inc."


We, individually and collectively, agree to the By Laws as herein listed.


1. The Board of Directors will consist of the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Maintenance Officer, Three (3) Members at large and immediate Past President.

a. Election of officers shall be conducted at the November meeting (annual meeting).

b. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of all members. (The type of ballot at the discretion of the Board.)

c. The Vice-president, elected each year, shall automatically advance to President.

d. A Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Maintenance Officer, and one member at large shall be elected each year.

e. Members at large shall be elected for a term of three years. (During the first year, members shall be elected for 1, 2, and 3 year terms to create a staggered term thereafter.)

f. Vacancies shall be filled by Board appointment until the next election.

g. Time and place of Board meetings and special meetings shall be announced to the membership by mail at least one week prior to the meeting.

h. Detailed minutes of meetings shall be sent to the membership no later than one week prior to the next meeting.

i. Board shall have the power to conduct business WITHOUT general membership approval. HOWEVER, THE BOARD SHALL BE RESTRICTED TO NON-CAPITAL EXPENDITURES (non-capital expenditures are defined as items which do not require additional membership assessments.)


a. Shall conduct all meeting according to "Robert's Rules of Order."

b. Shall act as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

c. Shall appoint committees and act as chairman of same.

d. Shall be authorized to sign checks provided by Treasurer.

e. Shall arrange for an annual audit of the club's financial records.

f. Shall arrange for an annual appraisal of club aircraft.


a. Shall conduct meettings in the absence of the President.

b. Shall assist the President in any way possible to transact the business at hand.

c. Shall act as Safety Officer with responsibilities including:

  1. Maintain a copy of the insurance policy.
  2. Brief members on request about insurance policy definitions.
  3. Investigates prospective new members and make recommendations to the Board.
  4. Provides letters of deficiency to members not in compliance with the Club flying regulations.
  5. Post the names and phone numbers of each club officer in each aircraft. Keep the list current.


a. Shall keep minutes of meetings.

b. Shall be responsible for monthly NEWSLETTER.

c. Shall mail minutes and newsletter to membership at least one week prior to board meetings.

d. Shall be responsible for any correspondence necessary to transact the business of the club.


a. Shall keep accurate account of the club's financial status.

b. Shall submit a monthly financial report to each member.

c. Shall be responsible for the billing and collection of the dues and assessments.

d. Shall be authorized to sign checks. Shall maintain possession of the check book.



a. One shall act as assistant to the Maintenance officer at the discretion of the Board.

b. Shall act as Board members to transact club's business.

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1. A person duly elected to this club shall be deemed a member upon the purchase of a share from a member, who hereby relinquishes his membership; or by purchasing a share from the club, at not less than book value, determined by dividing of the net worth of the club by the number of members. The club shall issue to each member a certificate of membership on a form approved by the Board of Directors.


a. To be a member in good standing, a member shall have paid all current dues and assessments within a period of thirty days from due date.

b. Any member not in good standing shall not be permitted to fly club-owned aircraft until such dues and assessments are paid in full.

c. Any member who has been notified he/she is not in good standing, but who continues to fly club-owned aircraft anyway, shall be fined $ 50 by the club.

d. It shall be the responsibility of each member to notify the appropriate club officer if and when a problem occurs. For example, the Maintenance Officer shall be notified of any maintenance problem before corrective action is initiated. Such corrective action shall be at the direction of the Maintenance Officer. If the Maintenance Officer is not available, any other club officers shall be contacted for direction.


a. The associate membership classification is abolished.


a. Prospective members shall have a valid medical certificate, and if not a rated pilot, shall have a valid student permit.

b. Prospective members shall be required to submit a club-approved form of application for membership at least 21 days prior to the club acting on the application.

c. Each prospective member shall be investigated and recommended to the membership by the Board of Directors.

d. New members shall not be taken in without approval of two-thirds of all members in attendance at any meeting.

e. A member may withdraw from the club upon notification in writing to the Secretary provided the the withdrawing member has disposed of his share in the assets of the club to a new member acceptable to the club. The club shall have first option to purchase the share of a member wishing to withdraw from the club, and shall have thirty (30) days from the date of the withdrawl notice in which to exercise this option.

f. In the event the club purchases a share from a member, it shall pay a sum not to exceed 90 percent of the book value of the share, determined by dividing the net worth of the club by the number of members.

g. Club membership shall not exceed fifteen (15) members per aircraft.


a. Expulsion of a member may be accomplished by action taken by a two-thirds vote of the total membership of the club.

b. If a member has become delinquent for a period of 90 days past the first day of the month following billing, this shall be sufficient cause for automatic expulsion and forfeiture of all interest in corporate assests and/or properties.


a. Each share shall be entitled to one vote.

b. Any member delinquent for a period of 30 days shall be denied all voting privileges until all dues and fees are paid.

c. For any matter of capital expenditure (items requiring additional membership assessment) a two-thirds affirmative vote of membership in good standing shall be required. (Otherwise, the Board has the authority to act upon all matters of club business.)

d. PETITION. To call for reconsideration of Board action, any 10 members may petition the Board. If unresolved, the matter shall be placed before the membership. A two-thirds vote of membership in good standing shall be required to change Board action.

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a. There will be no regular monthly membership meetings.

b. All Board meetings shall be open to membership attendance. Written announcement of each meeting shall be sent to each member, at least one week before meeting.

c. Annual meeting: Shall be held in November.

d. Special meetings (i.e. social meetings, picnics, educational meetings) shall be called at the discretion of the Board.

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  1. Members shall be assessed an hourly rate for each club-owned aircraft; this rate shall be established by the Board from time-to-time at any regular or special business meeting. These assessments shall be used to defray all ordinary expenses of maintenance, gas, and oil.

  2. Accurate records of flight time must be kept by use of the recording tachometer provided in each aircraft. Readings are to be recorded by person flying at the beginning and ending of the flight time. These records will be used as a basis for computing above-mentioned assessments. Payments shall be made monthly.

  3. Books of entry shall be open for inspection to any or all club members at any time.

  4. A member may, if he chooses, pre-pay flight time to the club. No interest will be accrued on pre-paid flight time.

  5. Surplus funds, after all operating costs and other expenses have been paid, shall remain in the club's treasury for the purchase of new equipment, for contingencies, or for reducing the hourly rates for flying, as shall be determined by the Board of Directors. The net savings in any event, shall not be distributed to the members for their individual use.

  6. A $ 2.00 per day penalty fee shall be assessed to a member's account 30 days after the billing due date. The first day of the month is the members billing due date.

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1. Flying and flying procedures shall be conducted in accordance with current regulations published by the FAA.

a. Violations of Article 5-1 will be brought up at the first meeting immediately following the violation. Fines and/or penalties will be imposed by the majority of the members present, with disciplinary action not to exceed $ 50 fine and/or expulsion from the club, except as hereinafter defined in Article VI, paragraph 2.

2. All pilots shall follow checklists posted in aircraft.

3. No person shall fly club-owned aircraft who has had an alcoholic beverage, tranquilizer, or antihistamine during the preceding eight (8) hours.

4. On Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays, reservations for all flying other than extended cross country flights (excess of fifty (50) miles), shall be limited to two (2) hours per membership.

5. All flights shall be scheduled before departure.

6. Any flight previously scheduled shall have preference over a later scheduled flight.

7. There shall be a $ 50 fine for making an unscheduled flight or for delaying a scheduled flight unnecessarily.

a. Any person wishing to complain about inconveniences caused by another member may voice this complaint at any regular meeting, and it will be acted upon by the majority of the other members before the fine of $ 50 is made.

8. Student pilots shall be restricted to flying aircraft designated for training.

a. Student pilots shall not fly club-owned aircraft unless under the direct supervision and control of a club authorized, licensed instructor. The words "supervision and control" are used in reference to an FAA certified commercial instructor pilot directing and supervising the student pilot. The instructor shall be physically present at the field of the origin of operations of the aircraft prior to each operation of the aircraft by the student pilot. Prior to each take-off or attempted take-off, the said instructor must first have conducted a line inspection of the aircraft with the student pilot, and approved the contemplated flight or maneuvers to be undertaken by said student pilot. (Cross country flights, including landings and take-offs made as part of a pilot training program at airports other than the home airport shall be deemed to be included under the definition of supervision and control if completed within a one day period between the hours of sunrise and sunset and the initial take-off is made under the supervision and control of an FAA certificated commercial instructor pilot as set forth above.) In the event a cross country flight is terminated due to reasons of weather, mechanical failure, malfunction, or pilot illness, the take-off for return to home airport shall be deemed to have been made within the definition of supervision and control of an FAA certificated commercial intructor pilot if at the point of such take-off the student pilot shall have been in telephonic communication immedialtely prior to the commencement of the return flight, with and received approval from the instructor to proceed with such return flight.

b. All student pilots shall be required to take a check ride with an approved licensed intructor if they have not flown that type of aircraft within the preceding thirty (30) days.

9. To fly the club aircraft, a member must meet the pilot endorsement definition included in the current insurance policy. When in doubt of the specifics of said endorsement, the member must contact the Safety Officer for a reading of the endorsement.

10. Aircraft shall be operated only from those landing areas which are officially recognized as public or private airports. Bonafide emergencies are excepted, of course. Be prepared to answer to the FAA for any emergency landing at a non-designated landing site.

11. Use of club-owned aircraft for commercial purposes is prohibited.

12. All persons must be checked out by an FAA certificated instructor before soloing any club-owned aircraft.

13. Recent flight experience shall be in compliance with FAR 61.57 (c) which currently states in part that "no person may act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers, unless in the preceeding 90 days, he or she has made three takeoffs and landings as sole manipulator of the flight controls in an aircraft of the same category and class. If the aircraft is a tailwheel-equipped airplane, the landing must have been made to a full stop." If the FAR wording should change, its revised wording shall apply. As a club rule, for the purpose of maintaining currency, all landings in all aircraft shall be made to a full stop. Touch and go landings shall not be valid for the purpose of maintaining currency. It is acknowledged that this requirement is more strict than the FAR.

14. Any extended trip shall not exceed fifteen (15) days in any of the land aircraft, or seven (7) days in any of the sea aircraft within any 90-day period, unless prior permission has been granted by the Board at any regular or special meeting.

15. If a scheduled (or rescheduled) time for the use of an aircraft has not been met within one (1) hour, the reservation shall be considered canceled.

16. The Board reserves the right to review a member's logbook at any time.

17. Any landing fees and tie-down fees away from home base shall be paid by the member operating said aircraft.

18. Gasoline charges exceeding ten (10) percent per gallon over the home airport prices are to be paid by the member incurring the charge.

19. Flights to Mexico in club aircraft are forbidden. Any member who violates this rule shall be held personally liable for any financial consequences of such flight (i.e. theft, accidents, confiscation, etc.).

20. Any member in good standing shall successfully complete a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) in accordance with applicable FAA regulations. Said review shall be duly noted in the member's log book by a certified flight instructor. Failure to comply with this requirement forfeits the member's right to fly club aircraft.

21. Any member in good standing shall hold a current medical certificate in accordance with applicable FAA regulations. Failure to comply with this requirement forfeits the member's right to fly club aircraft.

22. In recognition that each member is a mature and responsible individual, it is expected that each member will treat all other members with courtesy and consideration. In recognition that it is virtually impossible to legislate either courtesy or morality, it is left to the discretion of each member to conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner without resorting to voluminous unenforceable rules of courteous behavior in these By Laws.

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1. All repairs needed to keep club owned aircraft in good running order, as established by the FAA regulations, shall be made and charged to the club, except as noted in the following paragraph:

2. Any member who is involved in an accident on the ground or in the air while he is piloting or using a club aircraft must, if at fault. (a) pay the amount of the repair or replacement bill on said aircraft (not to exceed the valuation of his share). If said member is not at fault, (b) the club will assume the said amount. If there is any doubt as to the fault or negligence concerning any specific accident, the Board of Directors shall cause sufficient investigation to be made to satisfy itself as to said responsibility. Any member dissatisfied with the decision of the Board may appeal to the membership, whose decision shall be final. Official findings of the FAA or any duly constituted authority shall overrule and take precedence over any findings by the Board of Directors.

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1. The club shall maintain in force for protection against public liability in the amounts of $ 100,000/$1,000,000 and property damage in the amount of $ 1,000,000.

2. For any insurance policy with a deductable clause which the club has in force, the deductable shall be paid by the member involved. If the member is not at fault as defined in Article VI, the club shall assume the financial resposibility.

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1. At any time that the clubs finds that it is fesiable to dispurse assets due to any financial issues, operation of aircraft or changes in membership, all assets may / can be sold, disturbited and proceeds to be given to an active voting members. These members must be current in all dues / back payments to Flyingsignaleers Inc.  This may involve all assets, including money, property, aircraft and items owned by the club members . Each voting member shall recieve an equal share of the assets to be distrubuted. This amount of this distribution, will be without interest.  This atrticle concerning assets was determine by a special meeting on 04/15/2021 with a majority vote by current members. 



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1. Amendments to the By Laws may be made at any regular or special meeting. This shall require an affirmative vote of two-thrids of the total membership in good standing.


  Reviewed and amended as per vote March 1st 2021