The Flying Signaleers, Inc.

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Welcome to the our flying club, @ Thun Field (KPLU) Pierce County. We are are in the process of reorganizing and upgrading our plane. We have a hold on new membership until summer of 2021 Thanks...

    Established in Spanaway WA, in 1956 by a group of WWII Army Signaleers, this fly club is one of the oldest partnerships in the US. The Flyingsignaleers Inc. is a non-profit airplane partnership. By partnership, the members work togeather to manage and create a great flying experiance.  The club purchased and owns one Cessna 1974 182P Skylane  which is flown by the membership with over sight by the board members. As the flying club was organized in early 1956, this is perhaps one of the oldest flight partnerships in the US.As the flying club was organized in early 1956, this is perhaps one of the oldest flight partnerships in the US.

  The club has has always had the mission of passing the leadership, equipment and organization to the next generation of flyers. We are located atThun Field / Pierce County Airport (KPLU). 


How to become a flying partner / member of the club

We offer individual memberships in the club that allow pilots to fly the aircraft at the great hourly rates. We are always looking for additional flying members. Since this is first and foremost a social flying partnership, each person wanting to be a member has to "fit" well with the existing members and will need to be interviewed by the board. The members that make up the flying group are encourged to maintian a quality / like minded view of their membership. 

The first step is to contact us and we'll be happy to arrange a time for you to meet some of the board / members and kick-off the new member procedure. The existing members come from a range of backgrounds with many years of flying. Some are active professional pilots.

Our Focus

The Flying Signaleers focus on the social aspects of flying.  Each member is expected to  contribute to ensuring the planes are well kept.  The aircraft is  reliable and well maintained, making frequent flying inexpensive and accessible to the members. 

The Club currently owns one 1974 Cessna 182P and plans to lease  back a 1979 -84 Cessna 182. This lease back will to add another aircraft in the near future.  The 182P aircraft has an updated Texas Skyway  280hp engine 182. That allows the 182P to be a true 4 seater with full tanks plus some luggage. N7665G has the speed and power to " really go" places. 

The plane is hangared at the  Pierce County (KPLU) Airport in So Hill Puyallup Pierce County, Washington. The  hangar is equipped with a powered doors to access the planes. 

For more information you can email us.


    Once you have made it through the selection process, whcih includes a paid background check, you can then purchsase a membership which is currently membership  access to the plane, that cost of membership is $750.00 which includes W.S.S.T. These funds are added to the general account and have been collect in this manner since the clubs beginning. These funds are used for the general maintenance of the aircraft flown. With the current roster of members the monthly dues are $200.00 per member, which includes W.S.S.T. This covers the fixed costs such as the hangar, insurance, basic annuals, website....etc. As new members enter the club; the monthly dues will be adjusted downwards to reflect shared cost.

      Some pilots have asked "Why the club when I can rent from an FBO for almost the same cost, with no monthly dues?"  A few different ways to address this question other than your not just a renter but partner with others who love to fly and care for the plane that you use. You might think of it this way ....1) You can come to your own hangar and take out the plane on your schedule day or nite 2) The convenience - take your time to enjoy the experience with out the rush from the next renter 3) No sign in, checkout - paper work. 4) The hourly rates actually could be higher at an FBO, if you rent on a hobbs meter basis.  I could list some more but we see a great differance.

    In addition to the monthly dues, there is an hourly "wet" rate we pay for the use of each plane. This is the aircraft with fuel.  *  The state, in its immutable wisdom, has determined that all charges / rates must have a mandatory sales tax. The  C182 is set at - $150.00 / hour tach. time which includes tax. This per hourly rate covers the fuel, maintenance, TBO fund and will have WSST tax added at the time of the monthly billing.  The hourly rate is adjusted by the board based based on maintenace / fuel cost plus as the aircraft flys more often the cost are revised. Note on the per hour cost; We bill by the Tach time while most FBO rentals / some clubs use the hobbs meter for hourly charges.  Hobbs charges tend to be  around 5%-10% higher in a plane such as a 182. This can be explained further by linking to the Hobbs site above or feel free to contact us. Signaleers Inc. is a non-profit organization and all exess funds collected by the corporation are placed back into the airplanes / equipment. Unlike some clubs;  Flyngsignaleers Inc. owns the aircraft, and the hourly rates are used to reimburse the corporation for operatations and maintenance.

* The hourly rates are based on the per gallon fuel cost at KPLU. If fuel costs rise or fall; the club (board) will adust the hourly use rates. This rate formula that applies to aircraft is based on an average of 13.5 gal. per hour burn which is typical for the 182. While the fuel burn will vary the number used is an average. All cost include tax

   You can feel good about taking your friends or family on a trip for the week or just the weekend since the planes may be reserved for up to 15 days without a daily minimum.

You should review the by laws to ensure you understand all the ins and outs of your membership.