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Our 1974 Cessna Skylane 182 P inside and out

The club puchased the N7665G in the late eighty's from the oringinal owner. The Cessna Skylane is one of the most popular aircraft ever built. We eventually installed a new engine in our 182P due to the TBO. The members choose to go with the a conversion engine using the Continental stock engine. Conversion that was built on the O-470 block utilizing the O-520 upper and is known as a Texas Skyway O-520 UT/S. The engine performance at the stock 240hp (@2400 rpm) was increased by 40hp to 280hp (@2700 rpm) worth of power and performance. We added the three blade Hartzell prop at that time which also added to the performance and gave the plane more ground to prop clearance. We have added some minor repair to other systems along the way. The new interior was added in the fall of 2014, by Oregon Aero. The new paint was added in the spring 2015. At the time of painting we also decided to add a vortex generator kit. This gave the plane incredibily improved slow flight / maneuvering and stability. The VG kit lowered the stall to 35 mph which gives up a 40-45 flair speed. In early 2018 we became ADS-B compliant. We added an Appareo ADS-B Transponder, to complete our panel mounted Stratus.


 The interior work was by Oregon Aero. They utilizied a memory foam material, under the leather covers, for the seats base, seat backs and head rests making long flights more pleasant.